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Believe us, making a graphic novel is a huge amount of fun and work. A graphic novel stands on its own, even though it’s a combination of a comic book, a novel, and a storyboard. Adapting a graphic novel into a motion comic is like filming a movie and designing a graphic novel at the same time. Here is what’s involved: 

Research, writing, drawing & painting, editing, character design, acting, environment design, musical score, lighting, storyboarding, graphic  layout, special effects, color, digital retouching, and finally, formatting it as a book and website.

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Here are the Creators.

Directed & Edited by Michael Alfuso
  “From the moment I read Kings of Overgrove I was hooked on the story. Turning a graphic novel into an ‘animated online’ version was something none of us had even considered before, so it was uncharted territory for the bunch. From pen, to paper, to computer, it’s been fun watching a new medium develop from just an idea. I remember Ron, Joe, and I recording the first scratch voice over, huddled around a single microphone, trying not to laugh at each other. It’s come a long way since then, and I’m very excited to see the remarkable creativity and hard work from every member of the team come together. I along with the entire creative team, are very pleased to present you with the Kings of Overgrove.”    
  Michael Alfuso - Film Director and Editor Michael Alfuso – Alfuso Film – 714-624-7344

The Artist – David Nielsen

There’s a lot of potential to the medium, and also a fair share of challenges. Because it involves so many facets, I feel I’m far from having ‘arrived’, but that keeps the journey exciting. Hope you dig it!

Also, big thanks to Jon-Paul Boyadjian for his contributions to the website, and Joseph and Michael Alfuso for their contributions to the motion comic!

  Dave Nielsen • Illustrator • Drawn Voice • 760-707-9527


Original Score by Joseph Alfuso
  Original Score by Joseph AlfusoJoseph Alfuso –    

Sound Design by Spencer Hall

The Writer – Arel Herbrand
  Graphic Novelist. Personal friend of Elvis.     
  Arel Herbrand Arel Herbrand    

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